Hirebridge Integrations

Hirebridge has carefully crafted an Ecosystem comprised of best-in-class providers of assessment testing, onboarding, background screening, payroll services, HRIS systems and more.

We love integrations...

While we work hard to build the deepest, easy to use technology for our customers, we are often asked to integrate our platform into their existing environment to help create a more seamless user experience by connecting with the products and technologies that they are familiar with, we don't operate in a vacuum, and neither do our customers. We don't tell our customers what they have to use in order to work with Hirebridge. They tell us what they need, and we listen.

We work together with our customers, system integrators and ultimately third party systems to help design and deploy the best integrations possible. Ultimately, a win-win for our customers, and enhancing our value proposition. These integrations make it possible for our customers to use the technologies of their choice, while still enjoying the ease of use and depth of Hirebridge.

The Hirebridge partner ecosystem currently contains the following providers (red outline denotes Hirebridge partner):

Assessment Testing

Background Screening

Onboarding, I-9/E-Verify, Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Job Board Posting Automation


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