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From high volume hourly recruiting to corporate recruiting,
Hirebridge helps organizations recruit smarter and hire faster.

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Complete Recruitment Management

Hirebridge is a powerful applicant tracking system which helps you reach more candidates, identify the best ones, and facilitates collaboration for a better, more productive hiring process. Reporting and analytics help drive smarter decision making on both overall and individual team performance, and also expenditures for job advertising, helping you to identify bottlenecks before they slow down your process.

Applicant Tracking System

Track every aspect of the candidate lifecycle, from initial application through the hire.

Post Jobs To Multiple Job Boards

Automated marketing of your published jobs to the top job search sites, social media networks & paid job boards.

Mobile Job Board & Apply Process

Capture candidate applications from any smartphone or tablet with a truly responsive, mobile friendly apply process.

Hiring Manager Access

Give limited and focused access to key members of the organization to be able to view their own candidates and make notes directly in the database.

Closed-Loop Frictionless Feedback

Email based feedback forms make it easy for hiring managers and other team members to provide measurable feedback without requiring system access.

EEO/OFCCP Compliance Reporting

Passively collect all required demographic data for affirmative action and OFCCP plans and reporting, including applicant flow logs.

Email Based Approvals

Email-based workflow approvals enable your team to approve or reject job requisitions & offer approval requests directly from email notifications.

Offer Letter Management

Create and manage offer letters directly, then send to candidates for online acceptance & signature.

Pre-Screening Questions

Provide job seekers with the ability to view and apply directly via virtually any device or platform.

Reporting Metrics & Analytics

Get an accurate real-time picture of your process with dozens of industry standard & custom reports.

Apply By Email

Create dedicated email boxes for job requisitions, then give candidates the ability to apply via email with resumes parsing directly into each job folder.

Email Templates

Create a library of commonly used email templates, ensuring consistent messaging and making data entry easier for recruiters and managers.


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