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Healthcare Solutions Outreach Specialist
Job#: 441439
Positions: 1
Posted: 04/04/2017
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Danvers, MA
Department: Healthcare Solutions
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Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

The Healthcare Solutions Outreach Specialist provides broad-based education at both the hospital and physician level with the goal of identifying appropriate patients for Protected PCI and improving the institution’s Protected PCI program.  In this vein, the Healthcare Solutions Outreach Specialist will communicate directly with the hospital administration and physicians regarding the identification of the high risk patient population that is appropriate for Protected PCI as well as best practices and protocols that have been implemented in other hospitals to identify and treat the patients. 


Principle Duties and Responsibilities:


·       Educate hospitals and physicians regarding Protected PCI with Impella® heart pump devices

·       Facilitate the recognition by the hospital and physicians of the appropriate patient population that exists

·       Provide guidance to facilities to further develop the Protected PCI program using best practices

·       Develop effective educational materials regarding identification of appropriate patients for Protected PCI.

·       Develop outreach educational methodologies that will enable hospitals and physicians to identify appropriate patients and develop Protected PCI programs

·       Provide a consistent message and  follow up to all customers

·       Support sales and clinical teams as needed.   

  1. Position requires a BS Degree in related field, MBA/PhD preferred. 
  2. Minimum of 5+ years’ experience in hospital or physician outreach/business development.
  3. Director level or higher. 
  4. Knowledge of Healthcare industry and market trends.
  5. The ability to work with government organizations, hospitals, physicians, ABIOMED sales and clinical teams, and customers is critical.  Requires strong communication and organizational skills.
  6. Frequent travel (up to 60%) required.  (#LI-LG1)
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