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Job Title Job # Location Posted Type
Clinical Consultant Germany, Berlin 468114 Berlin, Germany 02/23/2018 Full Time
Clinical Consultant SChweiz 468862 Europe 02/23/2018 Full Time
Sr. Electrical Engineer I 468762 Danvers, MA 02/22/2018 Full Time
Principal Scientist 468769 Danvers, MA 02/22/2018 Full Time
Sr. Clinical Data Specialist 468770 Danvers, MA 02/22/2018 Full Time
Senior or Principal Reliability Engineer 455619 Danvers, MA 02/22/2018 Full Time
NPI Program Manager 468711 Danvers, MA 02/21/2018 Full Time
NPI Engineer II 468712 Danvers, MA 02/21/2018 Full Time
Clinical Consultant - Netherlands 468486 Europe 02/19/2018 Full Time
Territory Manager - Bremen, Braunschweig, Essen, Heidelberg, Trier or Ulm 458229 Europe 02/16/2018 Full Time
Clinical Consultant Germany - Italy / Spain, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Berlin, Kaiserslautern or Rostock 458852 Germany 02/16/2018 Full Time
Senior Recruiter EU 466954 Aachen, Germany 02/16/2018 Full Time
Cardiology Clinical Consultant 468345 Houston South, TX 02/15/2018 Full Time
Cardiology Account Manager 468346 Orlando, FL 02/15/2018 Full Time
Maintenance Technician II 467701 Danvers, MA 02/14/2018 Full Time
Customer Service Team Lead EMEA 467605 Aachen, Germany 02/13/2018 Full Time
Senior Production Engineer 466451 Aachen, Germany 02/13/2018 Full Time
Supplier Engineer (m/w) 463952 Aachen, Germany 02/13/2018 Full Time
Clinical Consultant Germany, Rostock 457110 Rostock, Germany 02/13/2018 Full Time
Clinical Consultant Germany,Heidelberg 442304 Heidelberg, Germany 02/13/2018 Full Time
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Fraudulent Job Offer Information

ABIOMED is aware that some job seekers have received false employment offers or recruitment emails from an individual or organization posing as ABIOMED. Individuals or organizations sending these false employment offers may request personal information or funds to further the recruitment process.

Please be aware that ABIOMED will never request passport details, money or other personal or financial information from job seekers. All individuals who are successful in gaining an offer of employment from ABIOMED, whether directly or indirectly, are always required to go through a formal recruitment process including an interview with a member of ABIOMEDís recruitment team.

One quick way to identify scam job offers is to check the email address. Legitimate emails from ABIOMED employees end in Some recent scams have come from email addresses that are similar (i.e.,,, etc.) or email addresses using public domain IDs (<>,<>,<>, etc.). Be aware that sometimes fraudsters even use photographs and names of real people at companies and also create fake websites and marketing materials that look very similar to the companyís genuine website. ABIOMED takes action to shut these false addresses and websites down as soon as we are made aware of them, but often this is only after the scammers have contacted many job seekers.

ABIOMED is taking all necessary steps to investigate this matter further.