Case Manager, ReMerge

Oklahoma City, OK

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Job Description

Provide outpatient case management services to women with alcohol or substance abuse and mental health issues who are in the ReMerge program.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (includes but not limited too):

Provide services that are welcoming, engaging and accessible.  These services are recovery focused, strengths based, culturally competent, consumer centered, and co-occurring capable.  Work as part of treatment team to meet the needs of the women in a timely and thorough manner.  Interact with the women in a respectful, genuine and professional manner. 

Conducts assessments, which includes the gathering of information about the consumer’s symptoms, behavior, functioning, history, needs, goals and preferences as part of case management or rehabilitation services.  Obtain necessary releases and consents and advises the consumers about their rights and responsibilities.  Consult with other program staff, as needed to facilitate referrals.

Provide case management and/or rehabilitation treatment services using agency-approved, evidence-based practices that are consistent with the current treatment plan and with consumer needs and preferences, including Individual Rehab, and Group Rehab.  Topic areas might also include, but are not limited to: domestic violence, communication skills, disease concept, 12-step recovery model and relapse prevention.

Provide case management services for consumer, assisting then in obtaining needed benefits and resources, including, but not limited to, housing, employment, medical, recreation, social and family supports, nutritional information and medication.  Provide transportation as required to various location in the community.  Must be knowledgeable of community resources and maintain positive working relationships with other agencies.  Must also work closely with community partners to obtain resources and/or collaborate on needs to facilitate recovery. 

Must be willing to train on driving Northcare vehicles and drive consumers to various locations in the community.

Empower the consumer to recognize and utilize their own strengths, skills, talents, and abilities to increase independence and self-sufficiency in the community.

Work collaboratively with ReMerge Program Director, Department of Corrections, and other providers involved in ReMerge program.   

Maintain clinical records in a timely manner, as required by agency policy, funding sources and accreditation authorities.  Complete all required forms and maintains same in a manner consistent with requirements.

Participate in weekly departmental staff meetings and consultationas well as seek and accept consultation from supervisor on challenging or difficult issues. 

Provide crisis diversion services that may include face-to-face or telephone interviewing of the consumer; assessment of a consumer’s lethality to self or others; assessment of a consumer’s available support systems; and assistance in arranging for appropriate intervention, including hospitalization. 

Employee must maintain professional competency in the area under his/her responsibility through appropriate readings, attendance at workshops and conference.  Employee will comply with all requirements to maintain professional certification, if applicable. Must stay abreast of current co-occurring treatment practices including but not limited to the Integrated Services Initiative and participates in continuing education activities.

Knowledgeable regarding: NorthCare’s electronic record system and public folders; ODMHSAS Services manual, contract requirements, and benchmarks; National Outcome Measures (NOMS); Medicaid rules and regulations.

Full time staff must meet productivity standards as established by the manager and program director.

Return phone calls and text pages promptly. Check and respond to email daily. 

Complete all required courses with NetSmart University and any other NorthCare required trainings.

Perform other duties as required and/or assigned by the Re-Merge Program Manager, Director and/or Executive Staff. 


Skills & Requirements


Position requires education and experience sufficient for designation as a Behavioral Rehabilitation Specialist (BHRS) in accordance with the standards adopted by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority in addition to BHRS Certification of completion or grandfathered in as a BHRS with ODMHSAS.  Every NorthCare employee is responsible for adhering to any and all laws, professional standards and ethical codes that apply to his/her job responsibilities.  Must possess a minimum of one (1) year experience in a mental health related field.  Every NorthCare employee is responsible for adhering to any and all laws, professional standards and ethical codes that apply to his/her job responsibilities.

Position may possess a Certification for Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC). Position may include ASI/ASAM certification from ODMHSAS. Must be able to move about facilities freely and climb stairs.  Must display proficiency in the MS Word processing software and intermediate general computer skills.  Must demonstrate good interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate verbally with English-speaking consumers.  Employee must have excellent written and oral communication skills. Casual professional dress is required with adherence to dress code requirements particular to the program as delineated by program manager.   

Must possess and maintain CPR, First Aid and CAPE certifications; or obtain within 30 days of employment with NorthCare, if required by program manager or supervisor. Must have current (within past year) TB test; or obtain within 30 days of employment with NorthCare. Must possess or obtain Core Level Training and Trauma Informed Training via within 90 days of employment with NorthCare. Must complete ODMHSAS Behavioral Health Case Management Certification process as scheduled by program manager and maintain annual continuing education requirements to maintain certification.