Network Build Installer

Calgary, AB, Canada

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Job Description

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities:

  • Working experience and knowledge of central office standards for the installation/acceptance of Telecom equipment.  Installation infraqstructure for broadband builds and major DC power installations.
  • Basic technicial skills include:
    • Mounting central office equipment bays and raqcks.
    • Running, forming and terminating cable to telco standards.
    • Assembling auxiliary framework and cable runways.
    • No issues with working aloft in cable runways.
    • Working knowledge of telco cables and colour codes, (power, switchboard, Cat5, fiber, etc).
    • Experience in reading telecommunication drawings and schematics.
    • Experience in forming and terminating cables using wire wrap guns, RJ45 crimpers, various punch down tools and compression connections.
    • Experience in running, cleaning and terminating fiber optic connections.
  • Specific skills and experience installing CO equipment such as: Alcatel 7330 DSLAMS, Huawei DSLAMS, Alcatel 7750 Routers/servers, Cisco Routers and term servers, Fiber Management Bays, etc.
  • Strong technicial knowldege and skill related to installing large DC power plants, controllers, breaker panels and running terminating associated larger sized power cable (i.e. 4/0, 350 MCM, 500 MCM).
  • Other duties as assigned by Manager.

Skills & Requirements

Work Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum three years experience.
  • Must be legally authorized to work in Canada. 

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