Scheduling Engineer

Washington, D.C.

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Job Description

As a scheduler, you will work with the project management staff of each project to help develop, implement, and maintain the overall project schedules, as well as for Estimating, and Business Development's need for schedules for use in estimates, proposals, presentations, etc.

A degree in engineering or construction management, with three to five years related experience is preferred. Individual should possess a strong understanding of the type of construction projects the Company performs including Water Treatment Construction Services and Buildings and Facilities Construction Services. An understanding of the scheduling software Primavera P6 and SureTrak is preferred, but not necessary. Good communication, verbal, and written skills, and the ability to learn or master skills quickly are required.

  • Work closely with Business Development to support their needs for project schedules submitted with the proposals.
  • Develop or review estimating schedules as requested.
  • Work closely with Operations and Estimating to create or help create, update, and maintain project schedules for construction management projects as the design progresses.
  • Work closely with the project management staff to help them develop, implement, and maintain individual project schedules.
  • Perform all work required to ensure project schedules are complete and acceptable to the project management team and the appropriate Construction Executive.
  • Assist in dollar loading schedules as required.
  • Assist in resource loading schedules as required. Analyze resource loading and adjust the schedule as appropriate.
  • Proactively analyze project schedules including comparing cumulative cost/resource curves to actuals, tracking float consumption, change order impact analysis, etc.
  • Work with the Scheduling Department team to continually improve the Company’s scheduling methodology and effectiveness.
  • Produce network logic diagrams, bar charts, and schedule reports for all project schedules, as required, to support the project management teams, Estimating, and Business Development.
  • Provide training and technical support for scheduling software.
  • Update the Bi-monthly Schedule Meeting Agenda at least every two weeks to prepare for the Bi-monthly Construction Executive Scheduling Meetings.
  • Update the overall Company master projects schedule, as required.
  • Travel to individual projects, as required, to provide scheduling support to project management staff.
  • Participate in the scheduling portion of Project Reviews as required.
  • Provide scheduling and computer support, as required, for the LDP Engineers and SCP Foremen during their scheduling rotations.
  • Travel to project sites, approximately a week a month in order to train and assist with scheduling needs.




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