Certified Neurological Intraoperative Monitoring Technologist (CNIM)

Pompano Beach, FL

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Job Description

The Neuromonitoring Technologist is responsible for acquiring and monitoring patients’ neurophysiological intraoperative data under direct, real-time online supervision of an assigned IONM physician. Working with the IONM physician, the Neuromonitoring Technologist continually assesses patient data and communicates results, interpretations and recommendations to the surgeon.
Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring services are completed through the application of acquired knowledge, skills and use of specialized electroneurodiagnostic equipment to perform various modalities in the operating room assisting the surgeons in avoiding or reducing complications during surgical procedures. The Neuromonitoring Technologist works individually and as part of a team, works well under pressure, and adapts to changing situations alongside other medical professionals and administrators. They will develop and maintain surgeon, OR staff and facility relationships to establish trust and build confidence.

Skills & Requirements

Clinical Responsibilities

- Meets patient in pre-op to explain test procedures and obtain patient consent.

- Obtains relevant past medical and surgical history, current symptoms and possible contraindications.

- Discusses the recommendations and needs for delivery of anesthesia with anesthesia team based on clinical exam, modalities recommended and surgeon requirements.

- Communicates with the consulting IONM physician providing required demographics, procedural information and clinical information so that proper monitoring can be planned and directed.

- Identifies neural structures at risk and communicates with surgeon, IONM physician and anesthesia team to develop IONM plan.

- Sets up and selects appropriate IONM modalities to minimize potential negative patient outcomes.

- Prepares, utilizes and properly disposes of appropriate supplies for each procedure.

- Applies monitoring electrodes to patient safely and accurately.

- Operates and maintains electroneurodiagnostic equipment to ensure accurate testing and diagnosis.

- Performs the electroneurodiagnostic study to comply with applicable protocols and guidelines.

- Provides an oral summary of preliminary and final findings to the surgeon with consulting IONM physician’s consent.

- Notifies the surgeon when immediate attention and action are necessary based on procedural findings and patient’s condition.

- Documents in surgery log/ medical record throughout the monitoring process all relative communication/responses, physiological status, anesthetic adjustments and changes in verbal responses according to policies and procedures.


Other Responsibilities

- Communicates with necessary departments/ organizations to obtain patient scheduling information according to facility policies and procedures.

- Is available for case coverage as required by market conditions.

- Covers on-call as required by market conditions.

- Maintains and abides by facility credentialing requirements.

- Maintains continuing education requirements of ABRET for CNIM.

- Completes and performs training exercises with co-workers.