Chief Operating Officer
Updated: 01/09/2017
Job Type: Administrator
Location: 17/18 School Year
Department: Schoolwide
Category: Administrators
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Job Description

Singapore American School is a high performing school system committed to providing each student an exemplary American educational experience with an international perspective. We are seeking motivated and qualified team members who will collaborate, innovate, and make a positive difference within the SAS community to reach our vision - A world leader in education, cultivating exceptional thinkers, prepared for the future.

Position Description

The Chief Operating Officer is an integral member of the Senior Administrative Team and reports directly to the Superintendent. The COO works closely with the leadership team to lead and manage all aspects of the school’s operations including finance, facilities, security, transportation, human resources, and contracted services. This includes the supervision of 4-5 direct reports with 30-40 employees and a large set of contractors.

The COO executes the superintendent’s direction for operations of the school. They are responsible for the development of the financial management strategy and for contributing to the school’s strategic goals.


Strategy, Vision and Leadership

  • Advise the superintendent and the cabinet on financial planning, budgeting, cash flow, investment priorities, and policy.
  • Serve as the management liaison to the Finance and Facilities committee of the Board, and the Investment Advisory Committee.
  • Develop new systems of financial and operations management that ensures the most effective use of school resources, strong fiscal controls, and supports the objectives of the school.
  • Communicate consistently and accurately to the superintendent and management team.
  • Represent SAS externally with parents, businesses, government officials, and community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and American Association.
  • Assess the competitive landscape in Singapore and make recommendations for remaining competitive.
  • Provide thought leadership to support the school’s academic and co-curricular programs.
  • Promote a culture of high performance and continuous improvement that values learning and a commitment to quality.
  • Ensure staff members receive timely and appropriate training and development.
  • Mentor and develop staff using a supportive and collaborative approach: assign accountabilities; set objectives; establish priorities; and monitor and evaluate results.


  • Develop and manage all year-over-year annual planning cycles
  • Oversee Finance Department day-to-day operations
  • Oversee and execute SGD150 million annual budget and allocation of reserves
  • Oversee the School’s cash flow and work with banks to ensure positive cash management
  • Collect, analyze, and present financial information to the Superintendent and SAS Board as requested by the Superintendent.
  • Partner with the Superintendent and Board Finance Committee on strategic financial planning, investments, debt, and overall financial operations
  • Generate financial models necessary to make sound decisions in regards to establishing annual tuition and fees.
  • Create, lead, and execute all financial reporting functions
  • Oversee annual audit processes, insurance assessment, and SAS risk management
  • Create and oversee financial and accounting controls and reporting procedures to ensure tax and legal compliance


Risk Management & Insurance

  • Lead all Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) efforts; including leading the ERM Committee
  • Understand and mitigate key elements of the school’s risk profile
  • Monitor all open legal issues involving the company, and legal issues affecting the industry
  • Construct and monitor reliable control systems
  • Maintain appropriate insurance coverage
  • Ensure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies
  • Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendations


Human Resources

  • Supervise the administrator in charge of Human Resources.
  • Provide oversight for HR financial strategies by estimating, forecasting, and anticipating requirements and trends.
  • Provide HR leadership by aligning resources, developing action plans, measuring and analyzing results, initiating corrective actions when required, and minimizing the impact of variances.
  • Oversee decisions regarding personnel salaries and benefits.
  • Oversee and develop employee benefit plans, with particular emphasis on maximizing a cost-effective and competitive benefits package.
  • Oversee implementation and maintenance of personnel policies.
  • Grow and maintain a working knowledge of Singaporean labor laws and practices.


  • Supervise the Facilities & Services Director.
  • Oversee the short and long-term building and maintenance operations.
  • Oversee campus security
  • Ensure continuous collaboration, awareness, and updates of all emergency manual(s), supplies, procedures, and training curriculum.
  • Ensure compliance with all health and safety guidelines and regulations.

Contract Operations

  • Provide oversight through the Contract Services Manager for a healthy, cost effective, and pleasing food services operation.
  • Provide oversight of the school’s contractor for print management.

Terms of Employment:

  • Salary and benefits shall be paid consistent with the SAS approved compensation plan for this position.
  • Two year initial administrative contract.

Application Deadline: July 29, 2016