HS Technology, Innovation and Design Teacher
Updated: 08/14/2017
Job Type: Full time Faculty
Location: 15/16 School Year
Department: High School
Category: Faculty
Salary: See Salary Below
Benefits: See Benefits Below
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Job Description

We thank you for your interest in possible teaching opportunities at Singapore American School (SAS).

SAS is committed to providing each student with an exemplary American education.  Central to that work are our six "Institutional Commitments".  We are seeking faculty and staff who subscribe to these ideals and who wish to collaborate, innovate, and make a positive difference within the SAS community.  Our Institutional Commitments are:

1) Professional Learning Communities- Overarching Commitment

2) Common, Guaranteed, Viable Curriculum

  • Develop and refine quality UbD units in Atlas to clarify intended teaching and learning

3) Evidence of Learning

  • Implement Assessment Guidelines (in 2013-14 include Grading Guidelines, in 2014-15 include Reporting Guidelines) to establish clarity, consistency, and coherence
  • Use data or evidence to inform decision-making

4) Great Teaching and Learning- Every Student, Every Day

  • Use appropriate instructional practices to support mastery of desired learning outcomes

5) Integration of Technology

  • Utilize technology integration to extend and enrich student learning

6) Healthy Organizational Culture

  • Exhibit the SAS Core Values of honesty, compassion, fairness, responsibility, and respect to support a positive and learning-focused culture

This position requires a candidate who possesses a high degree of flexibility and adaptability in what they are willing and able to teach. This technology teaching position is a full time position that will work closely with the HS Technology (TEC) department and the Center of Innovation Coordinator. The ideal candidate should have experience teaching such courses as Computer Science, Programming/Coding, App Development, and Digital Game Design, and must possess a high degree of flexibility and adaptability in designing and teaching other technology and design related courses.

Additional Experience and Desirable Skills:

  • A technical degree and or similar work experience in design, computer science or engineering
  • Previous teaching experience in Design Technology/Innovation
  • Experience with the Design Thinking process
  • Proficiency with CAD/CAM and/or Open Source Design Software
  • Working knowledge of current programming languages such as Objective C, Python, Robot C (Arduino), Scratch
  • Working knowledge and use of 3D printers, 3D scanners, and laser cutters and associated tools and equipment
  • Experience with mobile app development
  • Engineering: design, build and maintain structures, machines and devices

Annual Salary and Benefits Package (2015-2016 School Year)

Bachelors: US$ 69,463 - 83,885
Masters: US$ 73,284 - 87,705
Doctorate: US$ 77,869- 92,290
Maximum initial placement Step 8
All columns of salary schedule range from Step 1 to 26

Annual Benefits

Housing allowance (FOR OVERSEAS HIRES ONLY)
Waiver of school fees for eligible dependents 

Group Insurance

Life and Accident - 100% of premium covered by SAS
Group Medical Insurance (local plan) - 100% of premium covered by SAS for employee and eligible dependents
Group Medical Insurance (expatriate) - 100% of premium covered by SAS for employee and eligible dependents
Short-term and Long-Term Disability Insurance available

One-time Benefits Upon Arrival and/or Departure (For Overseas Hires Only)

Settling-in allowance
Inbound airfare for faculty member and eligible dependents

Outbound airfare for faculty member and eligible dependents