Release of Information Specialist
Job#: 90161
Positions: 1
Posted: 01/27/2010
Job Type: Full Time
Location: St. Augustine, FL
Department: Health Information
Category: Clerical
Salary: Hourly
Benefits: Full Benefits
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Job Description

Job Description:                                  RELEASE OF INFORMATION SPECIALIST


Department:                                          Health Information Services


Responsible To:                                   Director, Health Information


Experience:                                            Experience in a medical record department or a medical office is required.  Knowledge of the rudiments of medical terminology.  Experience in release of medical information is preferred.


Physical Requirements:                       Some sedentary work, ability to stand for long periods while copying.  Some bending and stooping to look for charts; excellent visual acuity; good auditory skills to converse on phone with a wide range of callers.  Use of hands and arms necessary for frequent reaching, handling and fingering of reports and charts.  Physical stamina to work under large volumes of work.  Ability to maintain patience while being interrupted by phone.


Environmental Conditions: Primarily works inside.



  • Receives requests by mail or telephone for information from medical records from such sources as physicians, patients, attorney’s, insurance companies, state and federal agencies, other hospitals and health care facilities.
  • Judges the legitimacy of each request and determines whether or not information can be released.
  • Checks for properly executed authorization to release medical information on designated patients.
  • Responds to subpoenas for medical records and attends depositions in the absence of the Department Director.
  • Maintains complete knowledge of state statutes on who needs an authorization and who does not and who is charged for copies or viewing.
  • Enters all requests into the Meditech system and prepares a “Statement of Accounts” for the collection of fees for medical record copies or viewing.
  • Receives checks and moneys in payment for medical information which has been requested and processes and routes to the Accounting office.
  • Follows up with attorneys/insurance companies on unpaid invoices.
  • Upholds the “10 Day Statutory” Law and processes records in accordance with this requirement.
  • Receives all incoming mail and routes to the appropriate individual.  Sees that any correspondence requiring immediate attention is answered promptly.
  • Prepares copies of microfilmed medical records on request, maintaining a knowledge of how to operate the microfilm reader/printer.
  • Requests information from other health care facilities and private physicians at the request of a medical staff member.
  • Copies information from the medical record utilizing discretion o what reports are pertinent to the request.
  • Maintains through knowledge of what can and cannot be released to a patient and the procedures to be followed before releasing information to the patient.
  • Releases psychiatric and other “super confidential” information in accordance with state statutes.
  • Stamps date of receipt on all request received.
  • Picks up and delivers to the mail room daily.
  • Maintains through knowledge of “Release of Information” policies and procedures and uses keen judgment in releasing information to a wide variety of  people; physicians, attorney, patients, state agencies, insurance officers, etc.
  • Takes charts to the appropriate floor when requested by the nursing unit.
  • Assists in the processing area as requested.
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