Student Patent Assistant
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Posted: 02/04/2019
Job Type: Student Position
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Department: Skysong Innovations
Category: Skysong Innovations
Salary: Non-exempt
Benefits: No Benefits
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Job Description

ASU Enterprise Partners– Student Patent Assistant,  Skysong Innovations

What we do:
ASU Enterprise Partners is a global-reaching non-profit based in Tempe, AZ. We raise resources to support students, researchers and programs at Arizona State University so that they can improve the world.

As is customary at ASU, we operate a little differently: not only do we cultivate philanthropy, we also identify real estate, technology transfer, international partnership and defense research opportunities that yield private support for the university. You can learn more about each of these entities at

Who we are:
Our team is varied – fundraisers, designers, scholars, financial wizards, ex-CEOs, filmmakers, venture capitalists, inventors, volunteers – and each member brings a different perspective to our vision.

Regardless of background, we share a mission that we can help, that quality higher education should be accessible -- no matter from where one comes -- and that we are responsible for the wellbeing of the communities we live in and serve.

Want to advance the most innovative university in the country – and your work? Join us.

There is no single career journey at Enterprise Partners. Roles often shift as passions are discovered. You’ll be encouraged to look across the organization to determine if new areas are of interest – whether in fundraising, real estate development, social media or something else. Training courses are offered every week, and our main offices face ASU’s Tempe campus, where our employees’ tuition is significantly reduced.

Our advancement opportunities are real – and so is the ability to be part of an intellectually stimulating, people-focused, mission-driven team doing meaningful work in a beautiful, vibrant, sunlit location.

Details about our comprehensive benefits are available at

Partner Description:

Skysong Innovations
As the top-rated university for innovation, Arizona State is a powerful generator of intellectual capital and technology. Skysong Innovations, a private non-profit organization, disseminates and manages that capital in the marketplace by nurturing relationships between faculty, investors and industry partners. Since its creation in 2003, Skysong Innovations has launched more than 120 startups, which support over 1,000 jobs and contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to Arizona’s economy.

General Summary:

 Skysong Innovations (SI) is seeking an extremely detail-oriented undergraduate or graduate student to assist with a specific step in the process by which ASU patents new university innovations.


SI is the technology transfer arm of Arizona State University, assisting in the commercialization of innovations that are developed by ASU researchers. SI is located at SkySong, the premier portal serving the needs of businesses, research, and technology industry and academia while building vital networks between university innovations, regional progress, and the global technology industry. SkySong is located at the intersection of Scottsdale Road and McDowell Road in Scottsdale.


As part of the patenting process, applicants must disclose certain information to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. One way in which applicants do so is by submitting a particular type of document called an Information Disclosure Statement or “IDS.” The Patent Assistant will assist Skysong Innovations in preparing such IDS documents in the context of the large patent portfolio managed by Skysong Innovations. Specifically, the Patent Assistant will be given lists of scientific papers and patent-related publications called “references.” Using those lists, the Patent Assistant will independently obtain copies of the references and generate a list of citations in a particular format suitable for submission to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Although extremely high attention to detail and a general familiarity with research publications is required for this position, Skysong Innovations will provide the Patent Assistant with the specific training required to create the requested work product.


What you'll do:

·         Generating IDS documents for filing in United States patent applications;

·         Conducting web-based searches for scientific journal publications, including within online journal databases;

·         Reviewing, at a high level, certain types of patent documents to confirm the identity of such documents;

·         Communicating, on a case-by-case basis, with ASU researchers and/or Skysong Innovations’ external patent counsel concerning documents needed to complete IDS submissions;

·         Collaborating with internal Skysong Innovations team members and its external consultants; and

·         Other duties as assigned.






What you'll need:

·          Collaborative style, combined with the ability and desire to work in a team-based environment 

·          Ability to maintain a high degree of confidentiality and responsibility regarding information related to Enterprise Partners, its subsidiaries and University business and confidential prospect information

·          Strong and collegial interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate effectively in person, in writing, and by phone

·          Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

·          Problem solver who can take initiative and set priorities while being flexible 

·          Team-oriented strategist able to effectively manage complex situations involving numerous and sometimes competing constituencies

·          Ability to represent the institution well

·          An advocate’s belief in the vision of ASU as the New American University

·          Attention to detail and thoroughness in completing assigned duties

·          Highly organized and able to handle multiple projects

·          Adept at navigating complex environments with evolving priorities and communication plans

·          Experience and willingness to engage in web-based searching for scientific articles and patent documents

·          General interest in intellectual property and technology transfer

·          Prior experience in business, commercial, scientific, or legal environments preferred 

·          Completion of one simplified sample list of citations based on starting material provided by SI as part of the candidate evaluation process

·          Have experience with searching for scientific publications in electronic databases and be comfortable with skimming them to verify date, authors, etc.

·          Be generally familiar with searching for public documents online

·          Be generally interested in technology and intellectual property

Relevant Qualifications:


Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. Skysong Innovations will also consider graduate students. 

Minimum twenty (20) hours a week is required, but no more than twenty-five (25) hours a week. Must be available for summer work as well.   

For more information on Skysong Innovations, visit our existing web site at


Skysong Innovations is an equal opportunity employer

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