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Metallurgical Intern
Job#: Req #13663
Positions: 0
Posted: 05/09/2018
Job Type: CO-OP/Intern
Location: US-AL-Bessemer (AL Works)
Department: Tech Services
Category: Technical
Salary: Hourly
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Job Description

The internship is for the Metallurgical Function of the Technology & Product Development Department(TPD).  The applicant should expect to be exposed to an industrial environment and to learn the basics of ductile iron metallurgy and processing.  The potential for future hiring of this type of person is good.  A metallurgist/materials engineer could be used by Quality, Melting, and Continuous Improvement as a process Engineer. 

Duties would include:

  1. Cutting, mounting, polishing, and reviewing samples for metallographic examination in support of TPD projects and routine assignments. Projects could include: (a)Ductile Iron corrosion probe development – most corrosion probes are steel. Recent testing has shown differences in corrosion rates when the probe is connected to the pipe. Ductile probes have been made in the past but there are severe processing limitations. This work will be determine if similar corrosion rates can be obtained between real life pipe samples and samples prepared in the lab. (b)Metallographic evaluation of accelerated corrosion samples exposed to the salt fog corrosion cabinet.  Samples include different top coats being evaluated. (c)Routine metallographic analysis of samples from Boss pipe. (d)Routine metallographic analysis of charpy comparison samples.
  2. Supporting other TPD projects as needed. This could involve helping with product testing, sample preparation, charpy verifications, etc.
  • Preferred to be enrolled in a Metallurgical or Materials Science Degree Program.
  • Must have completed Sophomore year.
  • Should have a basic understanding of metal processing, chemistry, and phase diagrams.
  • Minimum of one class in metallography(sample preparation and polishing) is required.
  • An interest in foundry processing would be beneficial.
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