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Pipe Cutter Grinder
Job#: 2017-106
Positions: 0
Posted: 01/11/2018
Job Type: Full Time
Location: US-AL-Bessemer (Bessemer Plant)
Department: Mechanical Maintenance
Category: Hourly Craft
Salary: Hourly
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Job Description


To cut, grind and taper pipe in accordance with specifications and in accordance with the inspector’s instructions.


Plasma arc torch, bevel grinder, o. d. grinder, measuring devices, calipers, gauges, brooms, shovels, wheelbarrows, pneumatic hand held grinders, hydraulic pipe squeezer, paint brushes, chalk, jackhammers, charts, pans, small hand tools and abrasive cut off saw.


Pipe, paint, and grinding rocks.

WORKING PROCEDURE: 1. Rolls pipe into workstation, inspects pipe spigot for inspectors’ instructions and for defects and measures and marks pipe according to grinding or cutting requirements. 2. Positions plasma arc over the spigot area to be cut and activates the equipment. 3. Visually inspects plasma arc process so as to insure that the equipment is functioning properly. 4. Gauges pipe spigot for roundness and tapes spigot o. d. dimensions. 5. Tapers pipe spigot with bevel grinder. 6. Uses o. d. grinder to grind oversized spigot pipe and measures pipe o. d. and metal thickness at intervals during the grinding process so as to insure that pipe are within specifications. 7. Uses pipe squeezer to round pipe as instructed or as detected with gauge. 8. Releases pipe from workstation for further salvage work or further processing by marking pipe accordingly or applying a new label. 9. Keeps work area in a neat and orderly condition and performs all work in a safe and efficient manner.

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