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Marketing Operations Assistant, Speakers Group
Job#: 249053
Positions: 1
Job Type: Full Time
Location: US-TN-Nashville/Brentwood
Department: Speakers Group
Category: Marketing
Salary: Salary + Profit Sharing
Benefits: Full Benefits
Contact: Doug Oakley
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Job Description

Are you an unusually organized and creative thinker? Do you naturally take ownership and track details to completion? Are you a passionate marketer who believes anything worth starting is worth measuring the results of? Do others describe you as a “key player”? Are you excited about keeping numerous projects moving forward at one time? Do you view interruptions as opportunities rather than frustrations? Do you have a servant’s heart? If so, keep reading…


The Speakers Group at Dave Ramsey’s office is looking for a Marketing Operations Assistant.  This is a small and quickly growing department.   The candidate selected will play a key part in the success of multiple speakers and brands by helping them grow into new and existing markets. In addition, this person will help coordinate projects inside the department, with administrative support as needed.   


The ideal Candidate:

  • Has enough professional Marketing Experience to not need to wonder if you have enough to apply
  • Ability to execute a limited departmental administrative role
  • Gets upset when excuses are given for something not getting done
  • Eats online and social media marketing like a college student does ramen
  • Gets stuff DONE!
  • Doesn’t allow “bright and shiny” to distract them
  • Sets a goal and then takes action to conquer it!
  • Multi-Tasks so well you give plate spinners a run for their money
  • Extremely Organized and Detail Oriented
  • Will lift boxes, clean floors and hold doors if that’s what it takes to get something done
  • Has read every Seth Godin book and has an opinion about them
  • Believes in having fun
  • Is always learning, growing and being stretched
  • Desires to be a part of something larger than themselves
  • Knows how to work a PC and Mac
  • Can get around with Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Power Point)
  • Is able to use Jedi mind tricks so Excel does the cool things that Microsoft never tells us it can do!
  • Is a natural written and verbal communicator
  • Works hard, but also like to have F.U.N. while getting things done!

If you’re into obscure bands, random foods, or anything else off the beaten path… we may hire you for those reasons alone! (Unless you have a complete collection of 1980’s WWF figurines or you are fluent in Klingon) Be prepared to bring your personality with you all day, every day.


Be advised:

The process of hiring is a SLOW and unorthodox one. Not because we’re too ‘busy’ to get things done or don’t need to find someone for this position. Nope!


 It’s because we care about you and want to make sure it’s a perfect fit for us both. If you’re not going to be happy 6 months from now, it’s better we figure this out on the front end.  Also if you are just looking for a J-O-B this would not be the best fit! So please be patient and if something else comes your way you want to take, DO IT! We won’t hold it against you. Really, we promise! 

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