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Job Description

The primary function of this position is to select dry and refrigerated products from multi-level rack storage systems according to order sheets, place items on pallets and move completed orders to the loading dock staging area, ready order for shipment and manually load items into trailers for delivery. 

  • Review work schedule, perform safety check on power equipment, obtain pallets, work orders and prepare for operations.
  • The employee will rotate between selecting orders and loading trailer as assigned.
  • Operate Forklift / Power Jack along multi-level rack locations, manually select dry and refrigerated items from restaurant order sheets and place on pallets.
  • Color code and affix identification label on each packaged item palletized and transported to staging area.
  • Ensure count accuracy, record counts on appropriate forms and visually inspect for damaged product.
  • Manually load stock items onto out-bound trailers according to loading plan and prescribed store order sequence.
  • Stack products in prescribed store order sequence where product packages are color coded to store location for driver identification.
  • Ensure the partitioning of frozen foods area from dry food and miscellaneous products. 
  • Rotate date sensitive stock, keep work areas clear and clean, complete work sheets' documentation as required.
  • Remove empty pallets, cardboard packing, and strapping to the proper area or receptacles.
  • Inspect empty pallets for damage, stack and move pallets with Power Jack or Forklift to the proper storage area.
  • Remove batteries, place on charger and install charged battery into Forklift / Power Jack as required.
  • Perform general maintenance, add water to batteries and complete vehicle inspection checklist.
  • Perform general housekeeping duties in work area as needed and other duties as requested or assigned by supervisor.
  • At the end of the shift secure all equipment and complete all necessary paperwork.

High School Diploma / GED preferred.
Must have 6 to 12 months of foodservice, warehouse or related experience.
Must have experience operating Forklift / Power jack.
Must complete the company Forklift / Power jack training and obtain certificate.
Must have basic computer skills and fundamentals.
Must be able to stand and walk for extended period of time.
Must complete “Lock-out / Tag-out” training. 

Must read, write, and communicate in English as it relates to the job and to the safety regulations.
Must be able to perform all job functions safely.
Must meet the company performance standards for the job.
Must participate in company orientation and training.
Must be able to follow instructions.
Must be able to work the scheduled / assigned times and required overtime for the position.


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