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Cooperative Agricultural Support Services Authority

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Agricultural Aide - Hydrilla (Lakeport, CA)
Job#: 186795
Positions: 6
Posted: 05/14/2013
Job Type: Temporary
Location: Clear Lake, CA
Department: Pest Exclusion
Category: Field Technician
Benefits: Partial Benefits
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Job Description

This position is in Lakeport, CA, the starting wage is $12/hr.  This is a seasonal position that will end in early November. 


I. Program/Position Identification

The primary responsibilities of the Integrated Pest Control Branch (IPCB) are the detection and control or eradication of exotic and invasive pests that threaten California’s agricultural and natural resources. This is accomplished through a number of General and/or industry funded Programs. These programs include the following: the Hydrilla Eradication Program, Pink Bollworm Program, Curly Top Virus Program, Vertebrate Program, and Vertebrate Pest Control Research Program.


This position is in the Hydrilla Eradication Program, which is responsible for finding and eradicating hydrilla and other high-priority aquatic weeds in the state. Under close supervision of the Agricultural Pest Control Supervisor or Agricultural Tecnician III leading a Hydrilla Eradication Project, the Agricultural Aide assists with and performs routine seasonal field work that involves finding and treating aquatic weeds, particularly hydrilla. This is an entry-level position meant to develop skills and knowledge with regards to the various aspects of survey and eradication. This particular position will have an emphasis in data collection and management. This position will require both day travel and possibly overnight travel.



Classification: Agricultural Aide (Seasonal)

Working Title: Same

License or Other Requirement: California Driver’s License

16 years old or older

Know how to swim

Position Number: 014-471-0365-982

Location: Clear Lake

Work Hours/Shift: 0700 – 1630 Monday –Thursday; 0700-1100 Friday


II. Essential And Non-Essential Job Functions

A. Essential Functions:

Function #1: Inspection and Survey (40%)

  • Survey for and identify plants as necessary to find hydrilla and to determine the conditions for treatments and the health of the habitat
  • Use mechanical survey equipment (plant hooks) and visual inspection of the water to search for hydrilla and other aquatic plants
  • Collect, package, and transport suspect samples to the office for confirmation of identity
  • Walk, boat, or drive to designated locations to look for hydrilla and other aquatic or riparian weeds
  • Drive pickup trucks and haul boats on trailers to launch or work sites
  • Launch and drive boats to work sites; load boats on trailers

Function #2: Data collection and management (20%)

  • Enter data into computer spreadsheets (eg., Excel)
  • Carry out basic data manipulations in spreadsheets, such as sums, averages, sorting and filtering of lists, subtotals, simple charts, formatting and development of datasheets for field data collection
  • Carry out other basic computer operations such as loading programs, maintaining file structures (using Windows Explorer), searching for files, creating backups
  • At a basic level, learn and use various instruments for data logging, including consumer and datalogging GPS units, and water quality monitoring units
  • At a basic level, learn and use computerized mapping software and other data manipulation software
  • Provide first-line simple troubleshooting and problem-solving for office computers and other digital equipment, and for software
  • Collect water temperature and other water data as needed to determine the conditions for treatments and the health of the habitat
  • Make plant counts or other measurements of population levels to determine efficacy of treatments or health of the habitat
  • Collect other plant- or environment-related data as required


Function #3: Control of hydrilla and other weeds (15%)

  • Mix and load herbicides for the treatment of hydrilla or other target weeds
  • Prepare spray equipment and supplies, lay out treatment areas, and measure time and location of treatments for hydrilla or other target weeds
  • Apply herbicides to eradicate hydrilla and other aquatic or riparian weeds
  • Collect and distribute biological control agents for the control of hydrilla and other target weeds
  • Use mechanical methods of removing weeds, e.g., digging or using a dredge, for the control of hydrilla and other target weeds

Function #4: Equipment maintenance (10%)

  • Clean and repair spray rigs, vehicles, and other equipment as needed to maintain safe and effective operation
  • Conduct regular maintenance on spray rigs, vehicles, and boats as needed to maintain safe and effective operation

Function #5: Equipment and supply transport (10%)

  • Load and unload equipment and supplies by hand, as needed to support survey and treatment activities of the Program
  • Transport by pickup and truck supplies (including herbicides) and equipment as needed to support survey and treatment activities of the Program

B. Non-Essential Functions:

Function: Clean facility (5%)


  • Clean and straighten the offices, warehouse, and restrooms to maintain safe and efficient working conditions


Work Environment


With the exception of record keeping, most of the work is either in the field or in the warehouse. Of the time spent in the field, up to 10% of that time is spent in a pickup going to work sites, and about 90% of the time spent in a boat or canoe once on site. Work conditions in the field can be hot or cold, wet or dry, grimy, noisy due to boat engines, and moderately too highly strenuous.  

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