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Flagler Hospital

Switchboard Operator - Communications, occasional working varied shifts.
Job#: 184619
Positions: 1
Posted: 06/06/2013
Job Type: PRN
Location: St. Augustine, FL
Department: Communications
Category: General
Salary: Hourly
Benefits: No Benefits
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Job Description

Job Description:                                 SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR 


Department:                                         Communications


Responsible to:                                    Lead Operator, Switchboard & Answering Service Supervisor, Telecommunications Manager, Director of Information Systems, and/or Chief Executive Officer.


Education/Training:                            High School Diploma or equivalent. Computer knowledge and good typing skills (50+ wpm) required. Answering service/Medical office experience preferred.


Physical Requirement:                       Must possess the ability to handle difficult situations with emotional stability; must have the ability to communicate well by speaking        clearly as well as possessing visual and audio acuity; must be able to sit for long periods of time.


Environmental Condition:                 Primarily works inside (100% of the time)


Occupational Exposure:                    Category III = Job involves tasks or procedures that have no exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials during the performance of duties.



  1. Responsible for quickly and professionally answering and processing all calls. Will listen to callers, clarify requests then carefully and accurately dial numbers.  Accurately assists and/or places local or long distance calls for patients, visitors, staff and physicians.
  2. Has the knowledge and ability to fully operate the Meridian 2250 switchboard as well as the basic switchboard functions of the PC based, Amtelco system, including specialized keyboard and headsets.
  3. Has the knowledge and ability to monitor and respond as directed to all alarms that are located in the Communications Dept.  Including, but not limited to the Complete Simplex System (Code Red/Fire, Code Blue, Supervisory, Troubles, etc.) the Gases Panel, Panic Alarm from E.R. Waiting/Triage area.
  4. Responsible for providing Answering Service for Physicians that have subscribed to the service.  Will prepare neatly written, accurate messages, process as directed by policy or preferred methods outlined on the Physician Rolodex Card.   Will follow through appropriately, and will share current information with co-workers for accuracy and efficiency. Follows established log-in guidelines, prioritizes Physician line, as well as Dept goal of answering the Physician line in 30 seconds or less.
  5. Responsible for locating Physicians as well as ON CALL STAFF as requested by other physicians or departments within the Hospital as policy directs, taking careful notes, logging and timing all requests, and will log all attempts as well as methods used. Will carefully follows through on STAT’S.  Make every effort to verify information used is current.  Keeps co-workers informed of status for efficiency.
  6. Responsible for maintaining current information re: Physicians or On Call Staff’s availability. Short term or temporary information should be written on notes, dated and shared with ALL CO-WORKERS.  LONG TERM OR PERMANENT information or changes, should be written on notes, dated, and posted accordingly with information left for Lead Operator or Supervisor who will update Rolodex cards and Amtelco. Uses steno pad, (current date & time noted at beginning of shift) for ALL note taking while on duty.
  7. Maintains daily call schedules for all “On Call” Departments or Physicians and /or their group coverage. Carefully, correctly and neatly updates all call schedules and support documents. Shares all changes and or updates with co-workers in a timely and professional manner.
  8. Responsible for reviewing Safety Manual, ALL Code Policies and Procedures located in stand. Must be able to appropriately handle any and all codes in a quick and efficient manner.  Must pay careful attention to detail, making careful notes in call log.
  9. Able to assist employees or Physicians with basic Beeper services, such as batteries. After hours will properly document and sign out a loaner beeper.  Responsible for leaving a written note of pending beeper needs for Lead Operator or Supervisor.
  10. Responsible for arranging repair or replacement of any telephone or telephone equipment as well as all equipment located in the Dept. by referring to the Telecommunication Manager or after hours reach the person “on call” for Communications.  Should the on-call person, (Lead Operator, Supervisor or Telecommunications Manager) be unavailable, operator will refer to Repair Information located in the stand and initiate reporting and repairs. NOTE: patient phones are replaced by engineering or House Supervisor has access if engineering is “ON CALL” not in-house.
  11. Responsible for writing brief but complete description (during shift incident occurred) of any incident or unusual occurrence while on duty such as but not limited to; difficulty reaching on call staff or physician, equipment failure, irate customer/caller, problems with call schedules or posted information. Responsible for processing ALL Physician Consults according to Dept policies and procedures making every effort to meet Dept goal of 5 minutes or less to have Consult entered into system. Consult must be entered correctly, with complete follow through. Share info with co-workers as to status, noting in Physician Account notes or instructions from Physician.
  12. Performs other job related duties assigned by Lead Operator, Supervisor, Manager or Chief of IS.


The above statements reflect the responsibilities considered essential to the job as identified and shall not be considered a detailed description of all the work requirements inherent in the job.


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