Application Engineer
Job#: 181065
Positions: 1
Job Type: US - Full Time
Location: San Diego, California
Department: Engineering
Category: United States
Salary: Commensurate With Education and Experience
Benefits: Generous Benefit Package
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Job Description
  1. Lab activities involving characterization, recipe development and qualification
  2. Debug / Modify lab FPGA platform RTL and verify on the bench
  3. Analysis of data collected and presentation of the results
  4. SSD related tests and measurements
  5. Test mode related changes and associated experiments
  6. All other FLASH related experiments we do in our lab
  1. Excellent at a low level programming language e.g. C / C++.
  2. Familiarity with scripting languages (if good at a programming language, extending to a interpreted language e.g. perl / python should be easy)
  3. Enough exposure to Matlab to be able to use this tool for analysis of results and post process collected data.
  4. Understand RTL and FPGA platforms to identify and triage problems as seen during characterization and related activities.
    1. Please make sure the candidate has enough h/w design concepts to be able to understand the current platform design and in future, modify RTL if needed
  5. Familiarity with instruments
    1. Must be very comfortable with lab instruments
    2. Instrumentation control using Matlab-inst / VISA  interface protocols
  6. Comfortable with Linux/ unix platforms and exposed to scripting languages and concepts of batch / shell scripts
  7. Reasonable understanding of noise issues in multilayer pcbs
  8. Understanding of Various signaling/communication  standards e.g. pci, pci-express, sata, usb etc..
  9. Understanding of FLASH technology is a plus.
  10. TCP/IP and socket programming is a definite plus
  11. Exposure to data base s/w e.g. mySql + innoDB or anything similar 
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