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Production Workers (6)
Job#: 180161
Positions: 7
Posted: 05/15/2013
Job Type: Full Time
Location: US-AL-Bessemer (Bessemer Plant)
Department: Hourlies/Production
Category: Hourly Production
Salary: Hourly
Benefits: Full Benefits
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Job Description


To control the chemical composition of the molten metal to the casting machines through chemical analysis and the addition of alloys. Collects and sends samples to the Chemical Laboratory for analysis. Monitor and maintain the cupola shell, cupola tuyeres, cupola trough, runner, drain out hole, drain down trough and slag runner/trough so as to prevent damage to the equipment and insure a constant uninterrupted flow of molten metal, takes temperature at the arch, makes carbon additions to 20 ton ladle as required. Prepares cupola trough tap hole following melt-out and opens tap hole at start-up. Loads coke, limestone, ferrosilicon or silicon carbide into hoppers. Prepare batches of coke, limestone, ferrosilicon, and metallics and transport the material to the cupola. Desulfurize molten metals in 20 ton ladles, obtain desulfurized sample for chemical analysis and to skim slag from the 20 ton ladles into the slag. Operates the tilting duck’s nest, to index the turntable and to pour desulfurized molten metal from the 20 ton ladle into the treating ladle and to activate the treating ladle car. Operation of bag house dust solidification and miscellaneous tasks. To perform general clean-up duties and miscellaneous laborer duties in the Melting Department. Must able to perform all jobs safely and efficiently in order to provide relief.


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