Call Center Manager
Job#: 179081
Positions: 1
Posted: 03/11/2013
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Raleigh, NC
Department: NC-IA
Category: Administrative Assistant
Salary: Salary
Benefits: Full Benefits
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Job Description

Liberty Healthcare Corporation of North Carolina is seeking a Call Center Manager.

This position supports Liberty’s initiative to advance a statewide program in North Carolina that will administer in-home nursing assessments to individuals for the purpose of determining “needs-based" eligibility.

The Call Center Manager will have responsibility for managing the overall operations of Liberty Healthcare Corporation of North Carolina’s Customer Support Center (“Call Center”).

The primary purpose of the Call Center is to assist health care providers with issues related to assessments, approvals, denials, and the like and to help individuals and their families, who are applying for or receiving in-home personal care services. The Call Center Manager oversees the operation of the Call Center.  The Manager applies his/her prior experience to forecasting workload, calculating staff requirements, and creating staff schedules for the Call Center to reach its service goals and operate efficiently.  He/she oversees supervision and training of the Call Center representatives to emphasize customer service through a combination of enhanced customer communication skills and comprehensive knowledge of the program so that the representatives consistently provide accurate information and assistance to individuals who are applying for or receiving in-home services and assistance related to billing and assessments for providers furnishing services under the program.  The most critical function of call center management is getting the right number of people in place at the right times to respond to callers with a minimum of delay. 

This full-time position will be based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Call Center Manager will report to the Director of Administration and directly supervise the Call Center Team Leaders.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Actively monitors the call center activities as well as individual call agent performance in order to gather and analyze historical data, forecast call workload, calculate staff requirements, create staff schedules and track and manage daily performance;
  • Establishes the telecommunications technology, the call center personnel, the electronic and communication linkages with other components of the service delivery system, the call center staff training programs and the processes required to be fully operational; 
  • Develops informational manuals in both text format and on-line for the Call Center representatives to use in responding to questions and requests; these manuals are expected to enable distribution of accurate information to affected stakeholders and reduce the need, over time, for call center utilization.  It is expected that the best mechanism for support of Call Center operations is reduce the need to call the Center for other than unusual circumstances or problem resolution.
  • Submits a monthly telephone accessibility report to the Director of Administration, for submission to various stakeholders, summarizing the number of calls received by type; number of calls received after-hours and weekends; average handling time (AHT); number of “dropped” calls; percentage of calls answered and returned within the baseline criteria; average FTE equivalent number of Call Center representatives providing services during the month; average hours/percentage of “occupied” and “non-occupied” time spent by call representatives; and the total number of hours of initial, on-going and targeted training by type/topic during the month and other reports as requested;
  • Works with selected software vendors to facilitate work flow efficiency and to vendor to master the technology and facilitate implementation of the call center; 
  • Integrates Center operations with other IT support and incorporate input and feedback from the Stakeholders Workflow Team to establish direct telecommunications linkages that enable the Call Center representatives to transfer calls directly to other departments, particularly to the Referral Processors, the Scheduling Coordinators, and Mediations/Appeals personnel; 
  • Finalizes, with the approval of the Director of Administration, the selection and contract for the Call Center telecommunications system and works with the IT vendor to determine how the Call Center system and information are linked and flows with the overall system; how call center utilization data can be automated for analysis and reporting; and how the IT Vendor’s existing Communication Log function can be fully utilized to track communications between Liberty and DMA, PCS providers, referring physicians, and recipients.
  • Oversees the selection, installation, testing and launching of the call center technology; 
  • Organizes and develops operational guides, policies and procedures;
  • Develops the training program for the Center; provides a minimum of four hours of training each month to add and refresh knowledge and skills of Call Center Representatives;
  • Manages the database for the call center management system to document incoming call volumes, response times, dropped calls & other performance metrics required to determine call center performance;
  • Assesses, plans and directs resources and initiatives to consistently promote the goals of the Call Center, protect the resources of the program, and fulfill the program’s stated mission and vision and objectives – within the budget and with high customer satisfaction. 
  • Assures contract compliance by delivering quality services and meeting all contractual, legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Proactively anticipates and prevents problems that could result in customer dissatisfaction or failure to deliver contracted services;
  • Implements and maintains systems to ensure employee productivity and satisfaction;
  • Responsible for the management and performance of personnel within assigned area in a manner consistent with company personnel policies and federal employment laws;
  • Responsible to recognize risk and implement plans to control and avoid such risk;
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Hiring the preeminent candidates, investing in their continued success, and rewarding their ongoing contribution are at the core of our belief system. Liberty is proud to offer a competitive compensation and benefits package.

Click here for a detailed overview of the benefits package offered to full-time employees of Liberty Healthcare Corporation of North Carolina

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field.  Additional experience may substitute for some education;
  • Education and/or experience in management of call center operations and computer applications;
  • Small department management experience;
  • Strong technical writing ability and experience writing policies, procedures and training manuals;
  • Successful experience developing and conducting staff training sessions and activities;
  • Demonstrated ability to lead people and get results through others;
  • Possesses very strong interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Strong orientation to customer service;
  • Must be able to manage ambiguity and work in fast paced environment;
  • Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities.

Liberty Healthcare Corporation is a leading provider of advanced treatment delivery systems for the public and private sectors in community and facility settings. Certified by The Joint Commission for our healthcare staffing program, our organization has achieved its leadership position by an unwavering commitment to our mission of providing healthcare management solutions of the highest quality that are customer-focused, cost-effective, gainful, and outcomes oriented. We’re looking for people who embrace our mission and core values, take pride in their profession, have a passion for excellence, and a drive for results. If you’re looking for a challenging opportunity, where you can make a real difference, we’re looking for you!

Liberty Healthcare Corporation is doing business in North Carolina as Liberty Healthcare Corporation of North Carolina.

Liberty Healthcare Corporation of North Carolina is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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