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Flagler Hospital

Clerical Assistant - Health Information, PRN afternoons and weekends
Job#: 178166
Positions: 1
Posted: 02/12/2013
Job Type: PRN
Location: St. Augustine, FL
Department: Health Information
Category: Clerical
Salary: Hourly
Benefits: No Benefits
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Job Description

Job Description:                                 CLERICAL ASSISTANT


Department:                                         Health Information Services


Responsible To:                                   Director of Health Information


Experience:                                           Computer keyboard experience required; Filing experience highly desirable. 


Physical Requirements:                      This work involves frequent bending and stooping to look for charts and for maintenance of permanent file area; excellent visual acuity for accurate filing; good auditory skills to converse on the phone with a wide range of callers.  Use of hands and arms necessary for frequent reaching, handling, and fingering of reports and charts.  Physical stamina to work under large volumes of work.  Ability to maintain patience while being interrupted by phone.


Environmental Conditions:               Primarily works inside.


Occupational Exposure                      Category III = Job involves tasks or procedures that have exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials during the performance of duties.




  1. Files late lab reports, radiology reports and other ancillary reports into the correct admission of the patient’s medical record in the appropriate locations.
  2. Removes the appropriate daily midnight runs and demand reports, discards them, and then replaces them with the final yellow lab discharge summary.
  3. Files ER records in alphabetical order within the correct folder according to the year. Maintains knowledge of appropriate chart order for inpatients, outpatient surgery and ER records so that loose reports are accurately filed in the medical record. Retrieves and takes charts to the floor when requested by nursing units. Retrieves charts as requested for committee meetings, audits, or quality assurance reviews. Retrieves transcribed reports from the printer, copies and charts original report on in-house records.
  4. Locate charts and check charts out with accuracy using the chart locator.
  5. Copy face sheets and attestations after charts are coded and distributes to: attending physician, surgeons, and any consultants.
  6. Promptly answers phone.
  7. Maintains a thorough knowledge of “Release of Information” policies and procedures, particularly when answering the phone and handling patient walk-ins.
  8. Sorts and delivers copies of transcribed reports and physician mail and delivers it to mail room twice a week. Responsible for maintaining the transcription printer and clearing any misfeeds. Pulls and copies ER records when requested by physicians, ER physician billing groups, QA, etc. Files daily all charts waiting for permanent file and maintains the permanent file area. Purges the records in the permanent file area as needed.  Keeps the files in an organized fashion; shifting and moving as needed.
  9. Checks charts in from the chart return area and files them in the appropriate area.
  10. Perform other job related duties as assigned by Director.


The above statements reflect the responsibilities considered essential to the job as identified and shall not be considered a detailed description of all the work requirements inherent in the job. 

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