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SEO Analyst
Job#: 178077
Location: EAU CLAIRE, WI
Department: Merchandising
Category: General Office
Salary: Hourly
Benefits: Full Benefits
Contact: Joe Underwood
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Job Description



The E-commerce SEO Analyst is responsible for oversight of Menards overall company SEO (search engine optimization) strategy and web analytics. The SEO Analyst works independently under the direction of the E-Commerce General Manager to improve our natural search ranking through qualified development of product/project content using and reporting and making recommendations based on sales-based analytics.



  • Work with the E-Commerce General Manager to improve our website in terms of:
    • SEO – Define, advise and police the standards for site content that optimizes our placement to search engines
    • Images – Define, advise and police the standards for image SEO
    • Develop ad networks and affiliate programs to provide our editorial content with links to our site
    • Work with our Editing team on editorial/social/community content to optimize the affect of keywords on content by creating standards for best practices
    • Use site personalization to add SEO to all pertinent pages with content personalized to the user. This would be used on: Store Information pages, landing pages, and Community pages as well as on site search
    • Coordinate with HR on development and maintenance of their social pages
    • Coordinate with Midwest divisions and all units on development of their SEO
  • Research and propose on improvements and enhancements to be made to the Menards SEO strategy to the E-Commerce General Manager.
  • Coordinate and police link backs from our suppliers and affiliate sites
  • Utilize web analytics to provide timely data and stats on our E-Commerce and web traffic and provide insights and recommendation for improvements
  • Directly responsibility for Menards Search Engine Optimization development and standardized methods – based on best and most effective and proven practices. Weekly report back on status to E-Commerce General Manager
  • Maintenance of homepages and seasonality designs in coordination with the E-Commerce Sales Manager, in terms of sales trends and opportunity, the Senior E-Commerce Product Specialist, in terms of categorization of the site, and oversight and reporting to the E-Commerce General Manager.
  • Auditing on Menards web pages, including landing pages to optimize utility in finding the right information and maximizing conversion
  • Keep pace with and report back with recommendations in terms of SEO, search engine, social media and internet marketing industry trends and developments
  • Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance and report recommendations to the Senior Product Specialist
  • Administer search engine programs (XML sitemaps, shopping feeds, webmaster tools)
  • Multi-variant testing with use of sales-based analytics and timelined on an approved priority schedule to test, make suggestions for improvement and follow up on improvements made on specific web pages.
  • Other duties as assigned by the E-Commerce General Manager and Chief Merchant

To apply:

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Joe Underwood

5101 Menard Dr.

Eau Claire, WI 54703

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  • Must have a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, Management, Marketing, Retail Merchandising or a related field or have equivalent experience in retail
  • 1 – 2 years experience in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Must have experience working with popular keyword tools (Google, WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, etc)
  • Proficiency in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Outstanding ability to think creatively, and identify and resolve problems
  • Ability to communicate in a professional and articulate manner, both verbally and written
  • Ability to solve difficult problems and come up with effective solutions
  • Ability to plan and organize work in an efficient manner
  • Must be detail oriented
  • Must be able to work both independently and on a team
  • Must be able to set priorities and hit strict deadlines
  • Must be willing to work overtime & occasional weekends
  • Must be willing to relocate to Eau Claire, WI
  • Must have a positive attitude



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