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Flagler Hospital

Environmental Services Tech, Level 2, occasional (must be available various shifts)
Job#: 177278
Positions: 2
Posted: 02/20/2013
Job Type: Occasional
Location: St. Augustine, FL
Department: Housekeeping E/S
Category: General
Salary: Hourly
Benefits: No Benefits
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Job Description

Job Description:                                  ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES TECH II


Department:                                          Environmental Services


Responsible To:                                   Director of Engineering, E/S Coordinator, and area Supervisor(s)


Education/Training:                             High School diploma preferred.


Experience:                                            Six months to one year previous experience in floor care/maintenance (hospital or nursing home preferred).


Physical Requirements:                       Walking and standing for long periods of time. Ability to lift and move up to 50lbs without assistance.  Must possess good eye-hand coordination.  Must be able to calmly handle stressful situations in a professional manner.  Ability to work any shift necessary to complete assignments.  Must be able to bend, stoop, reach and climb ladders.


Environmental Conditions:Primarily inside (> 75% of time) with occasional exposure to extreme weather conditions outside.


Occupational Exposure:                      Category I = Job involves tasks or procedures that have exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials during the performance of duties.





  1. Dry and wet mop floors of patient rooms, other side areas, hallways, Doctor’s office buildings, and other areas as assigned.  Cleans floors by dry buffing with use of buffing machine, scrubber, extractor, and approved dry bonnet chemical cleaning methods.  Strips or top scrubs and refinishes floors when assigned.  Uses steam/pressure machine for cleaning walls or hospital equipment as assigned.  Vacuums daily and spot cleans or shampoos carpet according the established schedules or as needed. Polishes metal or other bright surfaces, cleaning glass and enamel fixtures with proper cleaning chemicals.  Cleans vertical and horizontal surfaces that collect dust.
  2. Collects bio-medical waste and places in red Micro-Bin container securing all bags and leaving no loose items in container.  Consistently replaces all trash containers with red liners.  Transports Micro-Bins from soiled rooms to bio-medical holding areas, and locks the lid for proper transport.
  3. Picks up soiled linens from patient areas and other ancillary departments and delivers exchange carts to clean Meds/linen rooms in hospital (or other designated areas).  Picks up recycle bins throughout work areas and transports to holding area; utilizes bailer.
  4. Cleans tops of windows, door frames, TV’s, and other high places, using ladder when necessary.  Dusts, cleans, and polishes furniture including beds.  Washes sinks and other plumbing fixtures and replaces supplies such as paper-towels, soap, and toilet paper when needed.
  5. Efficiently completes all cleaning and preparation of discharged units.  Cleans all occupied patient rooms of assigned area complying with hospital standards of cleanliness and, if applicable cleans assigned doctor’s offices
  6. Responds to emergency codes: Fire (code Red); Disaster (code Delta); Security/Assistance (Code Blue). 
  7. Changes cubicle curtains and drapes.  Enthusiastically assists with moving furniture, beds, supplies or answering office telephone.
  8. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to assist with the provision of care, based on the physical, psychosocial, educational, safety, and related criteria, appropriate to the age of the patients served.
  9. Accurately issues out clean linen to designated areas to meet established par-levels and completes paperwork for reserve linen or par-level distribution in an accurate and timely fashion.  Notifies assigned supervisor when new items need to be added to par-level linen reports and participates in linen use committee as assigned.  Washes designated special linen items as directed (i.e. rag mops, uniform stained with blood/body fluid, etc.)
  10. Works in assigned specialty care areas as requested (SNF or Psychiatric unit)
  11. Performs other job related duties as requested by the E. S. Coordinator or Supervisor.

  The above statements reflect the responsibilities considered essential to the job as identified and shall not be considered a detailed description of all the work requirements inherent in the job.


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