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Senior FOIA Analyst
Job#: 174410
Positions: 1
Posted: 07/01/2013
Job Type:
Location: Rockville, MD
Department: FOIA Contract
Category: FOIA
Benefits: Full Benefits
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Job Description

Job Title: Senior Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Analyst

Location: Rockville, MD

Purpose: The Senior FOIA Analyst will review and process incoming FOIA/PA requests in accordance with the FOIA, 5 U.S.C. 552, and the Privacy Act (PA), 5 U.S.C. 552, and the PA, 5 U.S.C. 552a.  Shall have expert knowledge of both the FOIA and PA, and other related statutes, and be able to apply FOIA and PA exemptions to documents retrieved as a result of a FOIA/PA request.  


  • Utilize FOIAXpress to process requests
  • Perform FOIA reviews for final processing, ensuring appropriate exemptions are applied and FOIA processes and guidelines are followed;
  • Provide timely handling (within 96 hours of receipt of request, or within 48 hours for requests marked as expedited requests) of FOIA requests and resolution of any issues and discrepancies;
  • Adhere to the following procedures:


  1. Upon receipt of a new FOIA request, if necessary, clarify the scope with a requestor (such as time period for the requested records) and convey the information to the office coordinators
  2. Perform an initial review of the FOIA request and advise the Contracting Officer Representative whether they recommend release of the information requested by the FOIA request
  3. Ensure that if the request is to be "expedited", identified on the cover page, it is put at the front of the line to process first (instead of the usual first in, first out policy).  Expedited requests shall be completed within 48 hours.
  4. Prepare Cost Estimates
  5. Collect fees from requesters
  6. Deposit fees collected
  7. Make fee waiver decisions
  8. Provide technical reviews of documents to advise whether they contain sensitive information that should not be released to the public;
  9. Review agency records to ensure compliance with agency FOIA/PA policies and procedures identifying whether:
    1. the records are to be released in their entirety;
    2. the records are already publicly available;
    3. the records are to be withheld in part;
    4. the records are to be withheld in entirety;
    5. the records are to be referred to other companies/agencies;


  • Records to be withheld (in part or in entirety) must be carefully reviewed to ensure that the proper FOIA and/or PA exemptions have been applied and foreseeable harm statements are prepared when required:


  1. Contact the office coordinators to resolve any discrepancies and inconsistencies, and if necessary, return the records to the submitting office for correction
  2. If the records involve allegation files, ensure that the records have been processed according to the Office of Investigation rules for processing investigative files
  3. Records identified to be withheld (in part or in entirety) or referred to other companies/agencies shall be clearly marked according to established agency FOIA/PA procedures;
  4. If there are records that, when submitted to the agency, were considered confidential proprietary information, the applicable agency program office must review the record and indicate whether it qualifies for withholding under FOIA exemption four or whether the record can be released:
    1. If the review indicates that the record, or portions of the record, can be released, prepare a letter to the Submitter indicating that the agency does not consider the information to be proprietary and that because it is subject to a FOIA request, it will be released
    2. Prepare for the Contracting Officer Representative’s signature the appropriate notification to the requestor informing that records responsive to the request have been sent to the Submitter
    3. If the Submitter objects to the release of the information, forward the justification and explanation to the office for review
    4. After the office review of the company response is complete, prepare a written response for the Contracting Officer Representative’s signature, to the Submitter indicating the agency final decision on the release of the records so that the COR can then send it to the requestor;
  5. Ensure that the Office of the Inspector General records are handled and processed according to established procedures;
  6. Interface with the appropriate agency offices or staff to resolve any concerns or questions they might have regarding documents being reviewed.  Any issues that cannot be resolved shall be escalated to the COR;
  7. Forward the reviewed records with a completed memo attached to the FOIA/PA Officer;
  8. Assist in the semi-annual classroom FOIA training courses provided to agency staff by teaching segments of these courses.  The course content may include, but not be limited to Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act of 1974, and agency processes for handling FOIA/PA requests;
  9. Provide technical reviews of documents to advise the COR whether they contain sensitive information that should not be released to the public;

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be a US Citizen
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
    • College degrees preferred
  • Must be able to obtain a Secret Clearance
  • 5 years plus performing FOIA/PA work
  • Knowledge of FOIAxpress a plus but not required



Qualified candidates should apply to this position at, be sure to include your salary requirements. 


Central Research, Inc. is an award winning small business located in Northwest Arkansas that provide contract support services to state and federal government agencies as well as Freedom of Information Act support services.  We take pride in our quality work and attention to customer service.  Central Research is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business that aims to create a strong vibrant business that employs veterans and disabled veterans.



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