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Line Driver/ Forklift Operator
Job#: 174351
Positions: 1
Posted: 02/21/2013
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Montgomery, NY
Department: Operations
Category: Non-Exempt
Salary: Hourly
Benefits: Full Benefits
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Job Description


Carlisle Construction Materials Incorporated, a worldwide leading diversified manufacturer of premium building productsand related technology, has an immediate opening for a Line Driver/ Forklift Operator in its Hunter Panels, Kingston, NY Facility. This position will operate forklifts to take product off of the production line and put away in designated locations in the warehouse. Employee will be used to fill in on other jobs in plant as required.

Primary duties include:

  • Operate propane sit down lift trucks.
  • Make labels for each production run and verify correct information is on label.
  • Apply labels and feet to each pallet.
  • Verify piece counts on each pallet and compare it to label.
  • Inspect material for quality defects.
  • Take product off of the production line and put away in designated locations in the Warehouse.
  • Keep production line clear and running.
  • Keep rows straight and leave at least a 2-4 inch distance between pallets.
  • Change stretch film from Lantech.
  • Maintain label machine operation.
  • Operate glue gun.
  • Material handling of all products.
  • Empty dumpsters from production floor.
  • Housekeeping of plant inside and out.
  • Segregate defective product and notify supervisor.
  • Help with the up keep of the entire plant.
  • Assist in training new team members.
  • Fill in on other areas of the plant as required. Ex. Loaders, cool vent, stacker, receiving, etc.

Required knowledge includes but is not limited to:

  • Knowledge and certification of forklift operations.
  • Knowledge of entire warehouse layout, Product codes, lot numbers, cure times.
  • Complete understanding of production schedules.
  • Knowledge of labels, piece counts, etc.
  • Ability to identify possible quality defects.
  • Knowledge of safety aspects of all equipment  as well as the plant’s general safety policies.
  • Understanding the impact of sending the incorrect/defective production.

Required skills include but are not limited to:

  • Reading- Production schedule, forklift sign out, product codes, transaction sheet,
  • Tally sheet.
  • Math- Tracking put-away, overall counts, figuring out of cure times, square feet,
  • Writing- Transaction, tally and forklift inspection sheets, etc.
  • Communication Train new crewmembers. Communicate problems or improvements to supervisor.
  • Computer Skills- Basic knowledge, Making of labels, Bar Code (2003-04).
  • Operation of measurement gauges- Tape measure
  • Forklift operation
  • Problem solving skills


  • Equipment Operated – Forklift, computer, printer, copier, lift table, glue gun, label machine, Lantech.
  • Tools required on the job – Various hand tools and required PPE as needed.

Data Used: Production schedule, Transaction sheets, tally sheet.

Work Environment: Activities occur inside an insulation manufacturing facility. Job includes but are not limited to exposure to the following.

  • Temperatures exposed to both Abinet/outdoor temperatures.
  • Nuisance dust.
  • Use of chemicals.
  • Fumes from solvent, forklift exhaust and tractor-trailers
  • Pinch point on moving mechanical parts.
  • Heavy equipment operation including forklift.

Hours Worked:  Typically 40 hours per week with overtime required as production, shipping or warehouse dictates. 

Shifts Worked: 3-shifts

Physical requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Sitting and reaching to operate forklift.
  • Standing while inspecting product.
  • Walking around lift table etc.
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds.
  • Hearing and sight required to complete job tasks.
  • Identify the products correctly

Education:    Have aptitude to acquire essential full performance knowledge and skilled as outlined in section 3. This knowledge and skills can be gained through formal education and/or work experience.

Experience:    Forklift Experience required, would be determined during interview process and certification if experience is sufficient.





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