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Flagler Hospital

Security Officer - occasional (working varied shifts)
Job#: 170948
Positions: 1
Posted: 12/04/2012
Job Type: Occasional
Location: St. Augustine, FL
Department: Safety & Security
Category: General
Salary: Hourly
Benefits: No Benefits
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Job Description

Job Description:                                 SECURITY OFFICER


Department:                                        Safety and Security


Responsible To:                                  Director of Safety and Security


Education/Experience:                       High School Diploma or equivalent required. Military or Security background required; must attend ACT (Aggression Control Training) classes within one year of hire.  BLS required.


Physical Requirements:                      Requires stooping, kneeling, reaching, handling, feeling, talking, hearing, walking, frequent mental/visual strain.  Must be able to lift over 50lbs.  The ability to work with close supervision and in stressful situations; the ability to handle all situations with emotional stability.  Must physically be able to work whatever shift necessary to complete work assignment.


Environmental Conditions:               Primarily works inside (50% of time) but may experience the following hazards; biological, blood, stress, nose, vibration, dust, fumes and occasional temperature extremes.


Occupational Exposure:                    Category II = Job involves tasks or procedures that have some exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials during the performance of duties.






  1. Patrols hospital and MOB interior floors, exterior parking lots and grounds.  Checks vehicles in employee and MOB parking lots.  Assure grounds are free from unauthorized persons.
  2. Assist Nursing Services with security problems as requested. Check with Nursing Supervisor on routine bases.
  3. Lock or unlock doors as required.  Check that doors remain locked after normal hours. Checks that exit doors remains locked during rounds after hours.  This includes Out Buildings. Responds to fire alarms and drills.
  4. Operate and maintain portable two way radio and reports any problems to Supervisor.
  5. Conducts safety surveys and equipment checks and reports any problems to Maintenance Tech on duty or on call person.  (Plant or Bio-Medical). Reads Pass Along Desk Log for latest instructions before each shift.
  6. Assist in transporting deceased patients to morgue. Escort Funeral Home Personnel to floor and room of deceased.
  7. Escort employees, visitors and patients to parking lots as requested.  Assist motorist when necessary.  Provide phone to call for Road Side Assistance (Locally or AAA).  This includes assisting with the use of jumper cables.
  8. Report any damage to security vehicle to Security Consultant.  Provide traffic control on hospital property when necessary.  Does not leave hospital with-out notifying Security Consultant or Nursing Supervisor on duty.
  9. Maintains Daily Activity Log and makes accurate entries.  Maintains Lost and Found.
  10. Observes Emergency Department waiting room entrance for unusual activity.  Assists ER personnel as requested.  Assist as needed with Rescue Helicopter landings. Complete Incident Reports on all unusual incidents including: falls, thefts and visitor incidents.
  11. Assist Local Law Enforcement when necessary.  SJSO will be called on all criminal activity, and when necessary to assist with unruly persons and disturbances (including Baker Act patients). Complete all reports before end of shift.  Give information and directions to visitors, patients and employees.  Offer assistance when it is apparent it is needed.
  12. Perform other job related duties as assigned by Supervisor.


The above statements reflect the responsibilities considered essential to the job as identified and shall not be considered a detailed description of all the work requirements inherent in the job.


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