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Advertising Salesperson
Job#: 170639
Posted: 11/30/2012
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Boise, ID
Department: Administration
Category: RIM Publications
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Job Description

RIM Publications is seeking an experienced Advertising Salesperson for Community Newspaper

The Kuna Melba News is seeking an experienced advertising sales representative.  We’re looking for someone who understands our community and wants to assist the local businesses by capitalizing on marketing within our publications.  It’s a must that you understand the elements of print advertising and take a creative and consultative approach to serving our advertisers.  You will be building and nurturing relationships that we value tremendously so this is an important role.

Although you will work independently, you will be working as part of a small closely-knit team so chemistry is a must.  It is imperative that you are balanced in your ability to sell as well as take care of the details required to manage a client from cradle to grave (so to speak).

Please submit a resume and a solid cover letter that lets us know how you would fit with our team and you would best serve our community. 

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