IT Administrator
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Chicago
Department: Operations
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Job Description

The IT Administrator’s role is to ensure the streamlined operation of the IT Department, in support of our demanding game development teams. You will have oversight of EVERYTHING IT-related in our downtown Chicago facility, while coordinating with our other locations. Our network and IT systems need to scream, so you will work closely with boss types in other departments to design and implement cost-effective technology solutions that will ensure our goals are met. You might also help define and implement global IT and security policies for the company. Can you do all that? One other thing…it might be nice if you like to play really kick ass video games.

  • Maintain all aspects of our network, server, and client systems, ensuring efficient code, graphics, audio and animation development, in an effort to minimize whining from the dev teams.
  • Deploy, maintain and provide support for all hardware, software, and peripherals.
  • Oversee provision of end-user services, such as help desk and technical support.
  • Research, rip apart and report back on the latest and greatest technologies. Show us how we can be bigger, better, faster and more efficient...and what it will cost.
  • Help create the Day 1 Studios Guide To Architecture, Security, Disaster Recovery, Service Provision and Much Much More!
  • Reach across the aisle to our IT staff in other locations, ensuring we’re all working together for the greater good.
  • Receive, log, and track hardware and software inventories. Better still, build systems and databases to do this for you.
  • Keep us safe, secure and backed up.


  • Network and PC operating systems (Windows, UNIX, LINUX etc.)
  • Current network hardware, protocols, and standards.
  • Data management, backup and security technologies. Data privacy practices and laws.
  • Database technologies (e.g. MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL).
  • Routing and switching technologies. Remote user and site-to-site connectivity (WAN, LAN, VPN).
  • Server setup, admin and service deployment. Virtualization processes.
  • Security and software policies using directory services (e.g. MS AD).
  • Communications (e.g. VTC, VoIP, IM).
  • IT infrastructure planning and development, incl. network and facility mapping.
  • Purchase research and proposal processes. Asset and inventory management.
  • Open source solutions and marketplace sourcing.


  • Effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment, using your analytical, evaluative, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Conduct and direct research into IT issues and products, performing general mathematical calculations for the purpose of creating business cases, budgets, etc. (abacus permitted)
  • Solve complex problems in resourceful and effective ways (free coffee always on tap)
  • Be (or rapidly get) comfortable interacting with peers and managers to share complex information related to your areas of expertise. Present ideas in business- and user-friendly language.
  • Be responsible. Be willing. Be available outside of your comfort zone and core hours when necessary.
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