Job Type: Full Time
Location: Chicago
Department: Management
Salary: Commensurate With Experience
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Job Description

Day 1 is currently seeking a Game Producer for an online game as a service.  

- Manage all aspects of the Online experience for our consumers, including but not limited to matchmaking, leaderboards, microtransactions, social networking features, ongoing community support and backend server architecture.
- Work with the project Creative, Engineering and Production teams to create a quality online experience for their games that build and retain consumers across all of Day 1’s products.
- Keep project leads informed of product trends and emerging technologies in the Online gaming industry across all platforms.
- Source and manage external technologies and software as needed to support our products.
- Focus on building and growing Day 1’s online commerce always looking for new products or opportunities to expand market share.  
- Build and manage the Online Services team into an efficient profit center.


- Experience with developing and implementing a successful social game product.
- Strong background in game production; experienced with managing internal and external teams.
- Demonstrable flexibility, professionalism and finesse when handling the multiple and diverse demands of a creative environment.
- A passion for creativity and a desire to innovate.
- Ability to provide informed leadership on both domestic and international market trends and customer requirements in the social space.
- Strategic and analytical.
- Innovative and creative thinker; can see and develop “out-of-box” solutions.
- Experienced in new media and leveraging emerging business trends in the social space.
- Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience

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