Basic & Preview Field Representative

Cape Coral, FL


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Job Description


Rich Dad Education, Inc. is a leading provider of practical, high-quality and value-based training, conferences, publications, technology-based tools and mentoring where customers acquire learning they can apply to accumulate wealth. We provide an innovative training model that imparts skills and knowledge in investing (real estate and financial instruments), entrepreneurship and personal finance.



                                Speaks clearly and persuasively, demonstrates group presentation skills,

                                participates in meetings, writes clearly and informatively.


Displays or demonstrates products/services using samples or catalogs and  emphasizes features and benefits, exhibits professionalism by reacting well under pressure, stretch sales goals by understanding and functioning in a unique sales environment, quotes enrollment fees and payment terms and prepares sales contracts.


Enters new customer data and other sales data for current customers into computer database, utilizes the internet for retrieval/generation of email, and operates a credit card machine.


Assemble materials to transport to events, assists with set up and break down of materials in meeting rooms, tracks stock levels in packing room


Investigates and resolves customer problems with deliveries, facilitates receipt of materials to distribute to students, estimates date of delivery to customer based on knowledge of company’s production and delivery schedule


Understands the implications of various business decisions and knows how they affect other areas of the company, understands the importance of monitoring expenses and increasing revenue.



Interfaces with customers and sells with care, concern and compassion, utilizes sound interpersonal skills while maintaining confidentiality, listens to others without interrupting, keeps emotions under control, remains open to other’s ideas, and tries new things, treats people ethically and with respect


                Team and Leadership

Balances team and individual responsibilities effectively, communicates changes quickly and concisely, sets expectations and monitors delegated activities, exhibits confidence in self and others, shares information, assists in cultivation of newer staff members,


Initiative and Creativity

Identifies problems in a timely manner, works well in group problem solving situations, pursues training and development opportunities, displays willingness to make decisions, adapts to changes in the work environment, volunteers readily, looks for ways to improve and promote quality.



Travels on a weekly basis nationally and possibly internationally via ground and/or air.  (Typical travel days include first and last day of any given trip.)



Valid driver’s license is required, High School Diploma, GED, or 3(three) months of on-the-job training or related experience is needed to perform the duties of this position.

Employee should possess one or more of the following: sales, financial, real estate or business background.



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