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Job Description

The most unforgettable places in any city are often hidden behind closed doors. To discover what&rsquo;s on the<br />
other side one must have connections&hellip; Welcome to TRUFFLE.</p>
TRUFFLE Travel is a digital travel tool that&rsquo;s your girlfriend in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, or<br />
wherever the wind may take you. Where your phone goes, she goes too. TRUFFLE is a city guide filled<br />
with hidden gems tried and tested by one of us and customized to your preferences. We are the new<br />
generation of travel.</p>
We hang our sun hats in West LA. If you stray from the beaten path and have a knack for discovering<br />
unique, immersive travel experiences, you might be the perfect addition to our team!</p>
The Web Developer/IT Administrator will be responsible for the daily maintenance of the website and<br />
CMS, including bug fixing. In addition they will work closely with the graphic designer and other<br />
members of the team to rollout new components of the website.</p>
Another component of this role is to ensure the operation of the company&rsquo;s technology resources are<br />
streamlined and in alignment with the business objectives of the organization. This individual will plan,<br />
direct, and implement all IT-related activities of the organization, as well as provide administrative<br />
direction and support for daily operational activities. This person will also define and implement IT<br />
policies, procedures, and best practices across the entire organization.</p>
&bull; Managing &amp; maintaining database &amp; CMS<br />
&bull; Maintaining the company website &amp; mobile website<br />
&bull; Bug fixing<br />
&bull; Website design implementation<br />
&bull; Website, application, and database reporting and traffic analytics<br />
&bull; Install and perform repairs to hardware, software, and peripheral equipment<br />
&bull; Responsible for website, data, and workstation security<br />
&bull; Oversee the daily performance of computer systems.<br />
&bull; Set up equipment for employee use, performing or ensuring proper installation of wired and<br />
wireless connectivity, cabling, operating systems, and required software.<br />
&bull; Provide technical assistance and support<br />
&bull; Prepare evaluations of software or hardware, and recommend improvements or upgrades<br />
&bull; Develop relevant procedure manuals</p>


&bull; B.S. in Computer Science or related field<br />
&bull; 2+ years web development &amp; implementation experience, with commensurate skills<br />
and experience in<br />
o CSS<br />
o HTML5<br />
o PHP<br />
o JavaScript<br />
o jQuery<br />
o API and Web Service interfaces<br />
o SSL<br />
o WordPress<br />
o MySQL<br />
o AWS (Amazon Web Services)<br />
o Cross-browser development<br />
o Integrating social networking tools &amp; sharing<br />
&bull; IT experience including<br />
o Comparing and negotiating service contracts<br />
o User security<br />
o Maintaining the LAN&rsquo;s hardware and software including TCP configuration, DHCP,<br />
routers, switches, and VPN connectivity<br />
&bull; Professional knowledge of Apple &amp; Mac OS products<br />
&bull; Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite</p>
&bull; Demonstrated ability to<br />
&bull; Take initiative, work independently and on a team to deliver product on<br />
deadline with grace under pressure and a positive attitude<br />
&bull; Multi-task and handle several projects concurrently while maintaining sense<br />
of humor in a fast-paced environment where priorities can change quickly<br />
&bull; Proven track record as a successful developer of a website with robust content<br />
&bull; Proven track record of<br />
&bull; Efficient accurate work<br />
&bull; Rapid turnaround time<br />
&bull; Skill set<br />
&bull; Excellent oral and written communication skills<br />
&bull; Ability to effectively present information and take questions from executives,<br />
clients, customers, and the general public<br />
&bull; Highly organized work style<br />
&bull; Flexibility to deliver as priorities change with evolving launch demands<br />
&bull; Inquisitive, innovative, thinks outside the box<br />
&bull; Possess business acumen &amp; entrepreneurial mindset<br />
&bull; Ability to reason logically and put forth innovative solutions<br />
&bull; Solid understanding of web development best practices<br />
&bull; Romance with travel</p>
START DATE: Immediately</p>