Part Time Administrative Assistant

Hampton Roads, VA


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Job Description

Timmons Group has been the leader in innovative design consulting within Virginia and surrounding states since 1953. With more than 200 professionals located in offices throughout Virginia and North Carolina, we offer our clients decades of senior-level experience and solve their challenges in creative ways, providing them with innovative solutions at an incredible value. We have been an Engineering News Record Top 500 Design Firm for more than 15 years and are committed to helping our clients achieve their vision. A values-based company with a clear mission to understand the unique needs of its clients, Timmons Group is dedicated to solving engineering and technology challenges because we know that helping our clients achieve their vision results in shared successes.

We are currently seeking a Part Time (20 – 25 hours/wk) Administrative Assistant for our Hampton Roads, VA office location.

Primary responsibilities include:
• Provide support to our internal clients. From typical clerical support such as preparing letters, answering the phone, typing, copying, coordinating mail pick-up and delivery, and any other task to lighten the load of the office staff.• Champion and lead all office events both internal employee as well as external marketing events. • Creating unforgettable first impressions for clients, employees and anyone who visits our office.

At a minimum, this individual must embody the following traits / capabilities:
An Absolute Fetish for Organization – You are the kind of person who counts down the days until the next Container Store catalog arrives! Your hangers are equally spaced in your closet. Flawless, effortless, second-nature organization, from a tidy inbox to a passion for tearing apart current filing practices only to replace them with shiny sparkling new-and-improved systems. An inherent affinity for creating and maintaining order in the face of impending chaos is essential to ensure that you love coming to work every day.
• Sedulous Communicator –Communicating incessantly with the rest of the team, making sure the most minute details are handled with the same care as the big stuff. Knowing when to ask questions. Asking questions is the only way to ensure that we are all on the same page – to make sure that everything gets done without duplication of effort.
• Multi-tasking - Ability to take on a fierce deadline without letting day-to-day responsibilities inherent to the job fall by the wayside. Must be able to spin the plates while on the phone, in the car and still really enjoy it!
• Firefighter - Thinking on your feet when things go awry (and they do go awry) and coming up with a second and equally appropriate plan of attack.
• Authority Challenger – Unafraid to question the status quo with the requisite degree of respect. Challenging old systems and sometimes less-than-current ideas while still making the trains run on time.
• Collaborator – You share your ideas and feedback freely and encourage others to do the same. No pride of authorship, always looking to find a word or a way that is just a little bit better - just a little closer to perfect – no matter whose idea it is. You are more interested in what’s right rather than who’s right!
• Eye for aesthetics – You know it when you see it and you want it to look just right!
Superstar and Role Player All-in-One - Balancing the fun and challenging things with the necessary evils (faxing/filing, etc.) and doing so efficiently and gracefully.
• Timing - Know who to bug, when, and how often for the things you need. When things get busy, people become unresponsive and you have to find a diplomatic way to get in their face, get what you need and get out without anyone getting hurt.
• Quick Study - Must have lightning-fast awareness as well as the crucial capability to translate previous knowledge into any new situation and figure stuff out.
• Sure Fire –That rare and endearing quality – the ability to stare down the barrel of a loaded Principal who needs something- I mean really needs it – and communicate, convince, confirm with only a head nod or a raised eye brow that you get it - that he or she can count on it - consider it done – take it to the bank.
• Irreverence and Levity – A unique ability to take the work very seriously without taking oneself too seriously.
• Energy & Enthusiasm – Thrives on a frenetic pace and lives for multi-tasking. Contagious enthusiasm for the work you do and for the people with whom you interact. Passion for making others smile.
• Thriftiness – An inability to treat the firm’s resources in any other way than you would your own.
• Initiative – This appears in every job description you see for a reason. That crucial element of making sure that nothing slips through the cracks; it’s stepping up to the plate and taking on something that could otherwise go undone.

Have we piqued your interest? . . . if you are seriously interested and fully qualified, submit your resume through our website.
We anticipate getting lots of resumes, so make sure you distinguish yourself as the obvious choice for an interview!

The requirements listed above are representative of the knowledge, skills and/or abilities required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.