Executive Sous Chef

MD - Baltimore


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Job Description

Executive Sous Chef


Reports To:  Executive Chef


Responsibilities:  Supervises the overall success of the food service operation adhering to the Client’s culture and guidelines, the Health Department’s regulations, and Bon Appétit’s standards and expectations of food quality, freshness and presentation.  Trains all kitchen staff in proper kitchen conduct and food handling, overseeing the sanitation and safety of all kitchens.  Helps in food preparation and ensures that all kitchen employees produce delicious, eye-appealing and nutritious food.  Prepares food production sheets.  Creates Café and catering menus, adhering to food cost guidelines.  Conducts all daily financial tasks, updating inventory pricing and coding expenses.  Orders all food products following Bon Appétit’s purchasing guidelines.  Solves problems professionally, rapidly and fairly.  Maintains and teaches a good work ethic.  Supports the General Manager, developing a sense of teamwork and cooperation.  Maintains kitchen equipment. 



Food Programs

  1. Uses a variety of high quality food items that are creatively well prepared, presented and flavorful in a cost effective manner in the Cafés and catering.
  2. Uses the Bon Appétit food standards and purchasing council recommendations.
  3. Prepares a well balanced menu that meets the cultural and dietary needs of the Café guests.
  4. Meets and exceeds the expectations of the customer’s perceived value.


Supervision and Development of Staff

  1. Hires, trains, and supervises the daily conduct of the Chef Managers.
  2. Supervises the adherence to proper uniform standards following the employee handbook and established account guidelines.
  3. Develops and revises proper job descriptions for Chef Managers.
  4. Conducts Chef Managers’ reviews, coaching sessions, and disciplinary actions in a professional and timely manner.


Financial Management and Analysis

  1. Prices menu items, adhering to food cost guidelines.
  2. Maintains and monitors kitchen payroll in conjunction with business forecasts and the budget.
  3. Controls food cost by establishing purchasing specifications, storeroom requisition systems, product storage requirements and waste control procedures.
  4. Codes invoices, updates inventory prices and controls purchases.
  5. Creates and updates Price Portion Guide.


Safety and Sanitation

  1. Adheres to all Health Department, OSHA and ADA regulations.
  2. Supervises, trains and maintains daily reporting of Time and Temperature and accurate labeling, dating and rotating of all food products.
  3. Conducts monthly F.A.C.T. meetings.
  4. Reports any injury, accident and/or foodborne illness incident for customers and/or staff accurately and in a timely manner to the General Manager.
  5. Develops daily and weekly cleaning checklists for kitchen staff and oversees their accomplishment.
  6. Trains kitchen personnel in safe operating procedures of all equipment, utensils and machinery.  Establishes maintenance schedules in conjunction with manufacturer’s instructions for all equipment.  Provides safety training in lifting, carrying, hazardous material control, chemical control, first aid and CPR.


Customer Service and Client Relations

  1. Treats all customers with professionalism, care and respect.
  2. Responds to all comments and complaints within 24 hours and follows up with a written response to the General Manager.
  3. Communicates with the Client honestly, accurately and in a timely manner.


Retail Management

  1. Creates weekly menus and special event catering menus, meeting special dietary requests, including low-fat, low-sodium, vegetarian and low calorie meals.
  2. Supervises the proper garnishing and presentation of food.
  3. Adheres to Bon Appétit’s standards of fresh and creative décor.
  4. Oversees the overall appearance of the kitchen.
  5. Continues to test and update menu ideas and concepts, staying abreast of new culinary trends.
  6. Edits all weekly menus for proper spelling and descriptions.
  7. Utilizes all web based informational systems, including web menu and catering menu.


Overall Management

  1. Meets all timelines for menus and ordering.
  2. Teaches and adheres to Bon Appétit’s philosophy, culture and commitment to quality food and service.
  3. Takes over the ownership of the kitchen.
  4. Has a Passion for food.
  5. Has knowledge of and enforces the Client/Bon Appétit contractual agreement.



Education:  Degree from a post secondary culinary arts training program.  Has computer skills with a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

Experience: A minimum of 5 years as sous chef plus 3 years in another food preparation position. Able to speak clearly and listen attentively to staff, peers, supervisors, guests and client. Able to read and write to facilitate the communication process.

Physical:  Must be able to stand, walk and exert well paced mobility for periods of up to four (4) hours in length.  Must be able to use hands to handle knives.  Must be able to reach with hands and arms.  Must be able to lift pots, pans, etc., up to 40 pounds in weight.



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