Hirebridge Recruiter is the ideal tool for recruiting and staffing companies looking to get a handle on candidate resumes and client job orders. 

Integrated Applicant Tracking and Job Requisition Management

Hirebridge Recruiter helps recruiting and staffing professionals manage the difficult process of candidate sourcing, assessment, search and placement. Hirebridge Recruiter integrates applicant tracking, candidate management and client information into one easy-to-use solution helping you manage your business more effectively.

Hirebridge Recruiter For Staffing & Recruiting Features

Executive Search and Contract Recruiting Firms

Whether you are an executive search firm sourcing from several different job boards and other sources, or a contract placement firm, Hirebridge can make you more effective.

A User-Centric Interface That Users Appreciate

Recruiters and Hiring Managers appreciate the user-centric design and familiar interface. Quickly enter in job requisitions, then post those jobs to the best free boards and to premium boards through internal and external posting services. Candidate lists can be generated through our extensive search capabilities, including a complete candidate search engine with blazing fast keyword capabilities. The system logs everything, so collaboration is a snap.

Blazing Fast Candidate Search Engine

Hirebridge Recruiter comes with a fast and powerful candidate search engine that can help you find the best talent hidden in your database.

Forward Candidate Profiles To Clients Directly From Hirebridge

Recruiters and Hiring Managers can forward candidate profiles to their contact list, and can control the information that gets presented.

Get Job Orders On Your Career Center And Job Boards & Search Engines Fast!

The faster your job order is advertised, the faster it will get filled. Hirebridge makes posting your requisitions and job orders easy.

Have questions about Hirebridge's applicant tracking software or hiring management solutions? Visit our Features Page or give us a call at 1-954-906-5727. We are here to help.

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