Hirebridge Recruiterâ„¢ modules add functionality and extend the automation of our Applicant Tracking System solution. All Hirebridge Recruiterâ„¢ modules seamlessly integrate with our core system to create a more powerful, single system that gets results. You choose the modules you need, so you will never pay for a system with more features than you will use.

EEO/OFCCP Compliance Module

EEO/OFCCP compliance module collects affirmative action data from candidates during the application process. Reports can be created that help your company comply with government regulations. Click here for more info.

Requisition Approvals

The email-based requisition approval process allows administrators to control which users can post jobs directly to the Career Site. Users with approval requirements do not get to direct post, and their requisitions must be approved by those with approval permissions.

Hiring Manager Access (Limited Access)

A limited-access account can be given to Hiring Managers (and third-party vendors) allowing them to create and review jobs requisitions, as well as manage candidates attached to those positions.

Intranet Job Board

Hirebridge supports companies that include an intranet job board in their recruiting process.

Candidate Self-Service Portal

Candidates can log into the Candidate Self-Service Portal and view and manage their applications. Candidates can update and complete existing applications, change their entire profile, and remove themselves from consideration for a job at any time during the process. All activity is logged and recorded in the candidate history log for greater compliance.

Employee Referral Tracking

Company employees can submit referrals to jobs in the system and these referrals can be tracked. An employee referral program is an effective way to find the best talent. And Hirebridge makes it easy.

Vendor Referral Tracking

Give vendors referral accounts and track their submissions into the Hirebridge system.

XML Data Gateway

Hirebridge can create data in XML formats for you to import into HRIS and other information systems.

Background Checking

Hirebridge can interface and send data to background checking companies to speed up the hiring process.

Multiple Document Storage

Store multiple documents for each candidate in the system. Candidates can upload multiple documents that get attached to their record.

Bulk Resume Printing

Print multiple candidate resumes with a single click.

Multiple Career Centers

For those customers who require a variety of career sites to help with their specific recruiting efforts, Hirebridge Recruiter can be configured to support multiple career sites and brands.


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